have a rich history into food business since 3 generations. Our forefathers started the food business on a very small scale back in 1940 in a small town of India. Continuing the passion and legacy, we now are Internationally Distributing since the year 2019 with the aim of revolutionizing the International Food Trading Business.



It's a WIN for us when we see how far we have have come in this journey which simply started with falling in 'love for food'. It gives us an emotion of pride when we say that we now have direct businesses with some really Significant Food Manufacturers of the World.



And with this collaboration, we have been able to grow in volumes by expanding our supply to the whole of Asia and Africa. With our extremely passionated team our volumes have not just increased in geogprahy but also in range of products we are able to make it available at prices never like before.

Safe payment options.

Reliable partnership.

Logistics of highest level.

Competetive prices.

Modern warehouses.

Options for distribution.

Customized services.

Repackaging & labeling.

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